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Saeed Torbati

Saeed Torbati

Saeed Torbati is a Canadian Entrepreneur and CEO, splitting his time between Ottawa and Toronto. He has a degree in Electromechanical Engineering Robots from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology and an associate’s degree in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies from Harvard Business School.

One of the companies that he manages, Ontario Green Savings, The Canada’s Top New Growth Companies for 2019 was ranked 20th by Canadian Business Journal.

Saeed Torbati Canadian CEO

To be honest, it’s our corporate social responsibility. I feel responsible for making sure that employees who work with us, who have devoted their lives to our organizations, are taken care of. That’s the biggest motivator for me to make sure all these people are growing, personally, financially, professionally and in every aspect that we can help them in.

-Saeed Torbati on what keeps him motivated at work

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Entrepreneur Interview with Saeed Torbati

The idea for Ontario Green Savings came from realizing that there was a massive gap between the green technology equipment, high-efficiency equipment, and their affordability.

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A Discussion with Saeed Torbati On Harmonizing Work and Life

The industry we’re in is certainly not new, but we’ve taken a new approach for an existing industry. It has enabled many consumers to be able to take advantage of high efficiency and …

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Inspirery Interview with CEO/ Entrepreneur Saeed

After working in the sales industry after my time at Algonquin College, I realized that I not only had a passion for green energy and technology, but also that I had an idea that had not been …