Saeed Torbati was born and raised in Iran, and at the age of 18 moved to Canada in search of a career. He enrolled at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology for Electromechanical Engineering Robotics, graduating from the program in 2012 with honours. 


After graduation, Saeed immediately began working in the sales industry specifically the green energy sector as a sales representative. From there, he got into the green technology industry and finance where he formed his own corporation. Torbati then chose to further his education and earned an associate’s degree in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies from Harvard Business School.

Currently, Saeed splits his time between Ottawa and Toronto. One of the companies that he manages, Ontario Green Savings, The Canada’s Top New Growth Companies for 2019 was ranked 20th by Canadian Business Journal.


Hobbies and Philanthropy

In his free time, Saeed enjoys a wide array of sports, but is particularly into boxing and trains at least once a day.

Giving back is an important part of Saeed’s life. During the holidays, Saeed can be found donating food to homeless shelters, or at CHEO donating gift bags for children. In 2018, Saeed was a Gold Sponsor of Blue Door Gala in Ottawa in 2018. As someone with a love for learning, Saeed prioritizes helping students access higher education. In 2017, he donated over 3k to George Brown’s scholarship fund. Additionally, Saeed’s companies provided valuable career furthering training to 400 new hires in 2019.